We built dynamic and responsive websites, for small, medium and large compagnies. We also offer custom support.

Professional websites


You want an online shop? Or a custom made application? You would like nice sliding pictures for your dynamic and stylish website? We make your website work!

Need something extra?


Need press-work of digital design? You want a logo or a corporate identity? You dream it, we make it.

An eye for design

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My name is Martine Vanrusselt, I was born in Belgium but moved to Hungary, leaving my very busy life behind to enjoy the natural beauty in our peaceful and quiet little town Németsürü.

From early on I have been a creative lady. As a child I could have fun for hours creating drawings, maps, cards, etc. Later as young adult my creativity only increased  and that resulted in various hobbies such as silk painting, flower arrangement, 3D maps, modeling, and much more. However, it is only in meeting my current partner I started to get interested in graphic design. What began as a simple guide to HTML quickly went into a course web designer and photoshop. It opened up a whole new world for me, a world where all my creativity and my sense of perfection lead to fantastic designs.


200 euro a year

  • Quarterly update
  • Support website
  • Support questions
  • Fixes within 72-hours
  • 12 hours support per year


50 euro per month

  • Bi-monthly update
  • Support website
  • Support questions
  • Fixes within 48 hours
  • 12 hours support per quarter


100 euro per month

  • Monthly updates
  • Support website
  • Support questions
  • Fixes within 24 hours
  • 4 hours support per month


Starts at 200 euro per month

  • Monthly update
  • Support website
  • Support questions
  • Fixes within 24 hours
  • 10 hours support per month