When  at SJL Creations start with someone, we also first like to know the manner of operation of our partner (s). Hence, we here briefly just to tell you about our working method. 

Introductory talk

Everything starts with an online appointment with us where we discuss the design of the site with you. You will receive prior to this meeting by email a questionnaire  from us. What is the purpose of the website? Who is the audience? Factors such as time and budget will be discussed? Do you have a style, ... Following this meeting, all documents, brochures, pictures about your company (preferably digital) passed.

Bid proposal.

With the conversation as the basis and the additional information (brochures, ...) a structured design, or an prototype, shall be developed by us (how shall the site operate, how many and which pages are needed, ...) and a detailed quote is offered .

Layout design.

Once we have received from you a deposit, we will start your layout. That we should take into account your corporate identity and logo is obvious, so your site gets a design that perfectly suits your business. Meanwhile we also to register your domain name and the associated web space, etc. if needed.

Website construction.

Only when our customers 100% satisfied with the layout, we will start programming the site. In the case that the customer does not know exactly what he wants, we can prototype your site on our own webspace

Website online.

When you are completely satisfied with the results of your site, please enter the remaining 75% of the total amount to us about it. Once we receive this you take a message and we will place your website directly online.

Registration with search engines.

Once your site is placed online, we ensure that he gets known by the best search engines.


200 euro a year

  • Quarterly update
  • Support website
  • Support questions
  • Fixes within 72-hours
  • 12 hours support per year


50 euro per month

  • Bi-monthly update
  • Support website
  • Support questions
  • Fixes within 48 hours
  • 12 hours support per quarter


100 euro per month

  • Monthly updates
  • Support website
  • Support questions
  • Fixes within 24 hours
  • 4 hours support per month


Starts at 200 euro per month

  • Monthly update
  • Support website
  • Support questions
  • Fixes within 24 hours
  • 10 hours support per month